Commercial Model Information for Previous Tax Years

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Airplane Hangarshangar-2017.pdfhangar-20172017Annual UpdateCountywide
Airplane Hangarshangar-2016.pdfhangar-20162016Annual UpdateCountywide
Airplane Hangarshangar-2015.pdfhangar-20152015Annual UpdateCountywide
Airplane Hangarshangar-2014.pdfhangar-20142014Annual UpdateCountywide
Airplane Hangarshangar-2013.pdfhangar-20132013Annual UpdateCountywide
Airplane Hangarshangar-2012.pdfhangar-20122012Annual UpdateCountywide
Apartmentsapt_BI-2017.pdfapt_BI-20172017Physical InspectionArea 6 - Bainbridge Island
Apartmentsapt_brem-2017.pdfapt_brem-20172017Annual UpdateArea 5 - Bremerton
Apartmentsapt_king-2017.pdfapt_king-20172017Annual UpdateArea 3 - Kingston
Apartmentsapt_po-2017.pdfapt_po-20172017Annual UpdateArea 3 - Port Orchard
Apartmentsapt_poulsbo-2017.pdfapt_poulsbo-20172017Annual UpdateArea 2 - Poulsbo
Apartmentsapt_silv-2017.pdfapt_silv-20172017Annual UpdateArea 1 - Silverdale
Apartmentsapt-2016.pdfapt-20162016Physical InspectionArea 5 - Bremerton
Apartmentsapts-2014.pdfapts-20142014Physical InspectionArea 3 - Kingston
Apartmentsapts-2013.pdfapts-20132013Physical InspectionArea 2 - Poulsbo
Apartmentsapts-2012.pdfapts-20122012Physical InspectionArea 1 - Silverdale
Auto Dealer/Manufactured Home Dealersauto_dealer-2017.pdfauto_dealer-20172017Annual UpdateCountywide
Auto Dealer/Manufactured Home Dealersauto_dealer-2016.pdfauto_dealer-20162016Annual UpdateCountywide
Auto Dealer/Manufactured Home Dealersauto_rv-2015.pdfauto_rv-20152015Annual UpdateCountywide
Auto Dealer/Manufactured Home Dealersauto_rv-2014.pdfauto_rv-20142014Physical InspectionArea 3 - Kingston
Auto Dealer/Manufactured Home Dealersauto_rv-2013.pdfauto_rv-20132013Physical InspectionArea 2 - Poulsbo
Auto Dealer/Manufactured Home Dealersauto_rv-2012.pdfauto_rv-20122012Physical InspectionArea 1 - Silverdale
Auto Service Repairauto_service-2017.pdfauto_service-20172017Annual UpdateCountywide
Auto Service Repairauto_service-2016.pdfauto_service-20162016Annual UpdateCountywide
Auto Service Repairautorep-2015.pdfautorep-20152015Physical InspectionArea 4 - Rural South Kitsap
Auto Service Repairautorep-2014.pdfautorep-20142014Physical InspectionArea 3 - Kingston
Auto Service Repairautorep-2013.pdfautorep-20132013Physical InspectionArea 2 - Poulsbo
Auto Service Repairautorep-2012.pdfautorep-20122012Physical InspectionArea 1 - Silverdale
Auto Service Repairfire-2012.pdffire-20122012Physical InspectionArea 1 - Silverdale
Big Box - Single Tenantretail1-2017.pdfretail1-20172017Annual UpdateCountywide
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