Residential Appraisal


The Assessor's Residential Appraisal Division is responsible for the countywide valuation of all residential properties. The Assessor uses mass appraisal methodology to calculate values on various property types. These property types include residential land, dwellings, and mobile homes. This division physically inspects one-sixth of the residential properties in the county each year to maintain accurate data and property characteristics. The remaining properties are reviewed and adjusted annually using statistical analysis of sales to ensure the assessed values are up to date with the current market conditions. Other duties include the inspection and valuation of all residential new construction, reviewing splits and merges, and responding to assessment appeals.




 Laws & Rules

RCW Chapter 84.40.030 - Basis of valuation, assessment, appraisal - One hundred percent of true and fair value…

WAC Chapter 458-07-030 - True and fair value—Defined—Highest and best use

WAC Chapter 458-07-015 - Revaluation of real property

RCW Chapter 84.40.025 - Access to Property Required