Education Outreach


There are many aspects of the Assessor's Office that can be a mystery to the general public and we would like to help change this.  We will be embarking on an educational outreach project where we will create informational videos that help explain what it is that we do. *


Washington State Property Tax Basics

Washington operates on a budget based system of taxes, not a rate based system.  In this tutorial, we will help define this taxing system and show examples of how it operates. 

Video: WA State Property Tax Basics (time 5:06)

Market Value vs. Assessed Value

Do you know the difference between Market Value and Assessed Value?  Our tutorial was created to help our taxpayers understand why the two terms are different and how they affect your property.

Video: Market Value vs. Assessed Value (time 4:40) 

Senior Citizen & Persons with Disabilities Exemption Program Highlights

This video reviews the program highlights & qualifications for the Exemption Program. The Washington State Legislature has made major changes to the property tax exemption program beginning in 2020.  The income limits will now be indexed at 65% of the median household income for Kitsap County. 

Video: Senior Citizen & Persons with Disabilities Exemption Program Highlights (time 3:44)

Understanding ESSB 5160 - Senior Citizen & Disabled Persons Exemption & Deferral Program Changes

2019 Legislature passed Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill 5160 which implements many changes to the existing Senior Citizen & Disabled Persons Exemption & Deferral Programs.  In this tutorial, we will identify the changes that will impact Kitsap County Homeowners beginning in 2020.

Video: Understanding ESSB 5160 (time 5:58)

Bremerton-Kitsap Access Television - Senior Citizen & Disabled Persons Exemption Program Changes

Please enjoy this short video produced by BKAT regarding the upcoming changes to our Senior Citizen & Disabled Persons Exemption Program.

Video: Senior Citizen & Disabled Persons Property Tax Exemption Changes (time 1:32)


State School Levy Series

The Washington State School Levy is the topic of this educational series.  The 2017 Legislature passed Engrossed House Bill 2242 to increase funding for Washington public schools.  These tutorials were created to help explain how a statewide levy is assessed equally (State School Levy Tutorial: Understanding Ratios) and the impact of EHB2242 to Kitsap County Taxpayers (Funding Basic Education: Engrossed House Bill (EHB) 2242) 

Video: State School Levy Tutorial: Understanding Ratios (time 6:10)

Video: Funding Basic Education: EHB 2242 (time 6:31)


Inside Report - February 2016

Video: Interview with Assessor's Office (time 12:23) 


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