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​Decisions Issued

​Permit Number​Project Name
18-00879​Staff Report and Administrative Decision - Almira Apartments Administrative Conditional Use Permit
18-01126​Staff Report - Nikki Lee Salon Home Business
18-01855 and 18-01862​Staff Report and Administrative Decision - Harrison Specialty Care Clinic Performance-Based Development Revision Minor and Conditional Use Permit Revision Minor
17-04526​Administrative Decision - Bracking Preliminary Short Plat #7433
18-00975​​Administrative Decision - Samis Foundation Large Lot Subdivision #405 Rhododendron Lane NW
17-04460​Administrative Decision - John's Auto Body Administrative Conditional Use Permit
17-04460​Staff Report - John's Auto Body Administrative Conditional Use Permit
18-01246​​Staff Report & Admin Decision - Tiernan Brewery Administrative Conditional Use Permit - Agriculture
18-00974​Admin Decision - Samis Foundation Large Lot Subdivision #404
​17-03573​Admin Decision - Sutphin Preliminary Large Lot
​18-00271​Staff Report & Admin Decision - Bubba's Country Cue Home Business
18-00328​Staff Report - Kitsap Learning Academy Administrative Conditional Use Permit
18-00333​Admin Decision - Tammy's Tattoo Studio Home Business
17-04419​Staff Report & Admin Decision​ - Monarch Ridge Plat Amendment
17-04048Staff Report & Admin Decision​ - Fieldstone Senior Living Community Administrative Conditional Use Permit
17-05178Staff Report & Admin Decision - Piper Preliminary Large Lot #403
18-00743​Admin Decision - Kare - Kitsap Animal Rescue & Education Dog Training Facility Conditional Use Permit Minor Revision
17-03278​Staff Report - All County Operations Administrative Conditional Use Permit
17-04373Staff Report & Admin Decision - Kitsap Humane Society Preliminary Short Subdivision
17-05147Staff Report & Admin Decision - ​Madler Preliminary Plat Approval
17-03213​Staff Report & Admin Decision - ​Creekside Housing Development Administrative Conditional Use Permit
17-04048Staff Report & Admin Decision - ​Fieldstone Senior Living Community Administrative Conditional Use Permit
16-05735​Staff Report & Admin Decision - Hinoki Terrace Preliminary Short Plat #7430
17-01386​Staff Report & Admin Decision - Best Buy Shopping Center Short Subdivision #7431
17-04099​Admin Decision - Frenchie Coffee Administrative Conditional Use Permit
17-02995​​Staff Report & Admin Decision - Joyce Large Lot Subdivision Amendment #371
16-03275​Staff Report & Admin Decision - Sterling Hills Estates Phase 3 Minor Preliminary Plat Amendment
16-05759​Staff Report & Admin Decision - Sidney Self Storage Administrative Conditional Use Permit
16-05797​Acceptance Letter & Administrative Decision - Newberry Woods Estate Site Development Activity Permit Grading 3 Driveway
17-01000​Staff Report & Admin Decision - Verizon Wireless BRE Peace Administrative Conditional Use Permit
17-04043​Admin Decision - Kitsap Animal Rescue and Education (KARE) Dog Training Facility Conditional Use Permit, Minor Amendment
17-00129​Staff Report & Admin Decision-Barker Creek Community School Administrative Conditional Use Permit
17-03461​​Staff Report & Admin Decision-Silverthorne Preliminary Plat Minor Amendment
17-02340​​Acceptance Letter - Larson Single Family Residence, Site Development Activity Permit
17-00087​Acceptance Letter - Manchester Yukon Harbor Sewer Extension, Site Development Activity Permit
16-02806​​Acceptance Letter - Pros Plan, Site Development Activity Permit


​Staff Report & Admin Decision-Pros Pine Minor Plat Amendment Type II
15-04850​Acceptance Letter and Admin Decision-William Dickson National Avenue Grading SDAP Plan Acceptance, 2nd Submittal
15-03513Staff Report & Administrative Decsion-​Wnek Engineering Office Moderate Home Business
17-02175​Staff Report & Admin Decision-Prosperity Plat Minor Amendment
17-02002​Staff Report & Admin Decision-Settler's Field Preliminary Plat Amendment Minor
17-02002​Staff Report-Settler's Field Preliminary Plat Amendment Minor
16-03686Admin Decision-​ABC Storage North Lot Site Development Activity Permit
​16-05121Admin Decision-​Katie's Baked Goods Facility Site Development Activity Permit Submittal #2, Plan Acceptance
17-00579​Staff Report & Admin Decision-Taco Bell St. Charles Retail Center Administrative Conditional Use Permit
16-05504Staff Report & Admin Decision-​Caswell Large Lot Subdivision
16-05420​Admin Decision-Nature Way Access Road Site Development Activity Permit Plan Acceptance for Submittal #2
17-00958Staff Report & Admin Decision-​Green Mountain Acres Water Tank and Pump House
17-00367​Staff Report & Admin Decision-Jauch Quartz America Home Business
17-00237​Staff Report & Admin Decision-Prosperity Plat Minor Amendments
16-05658Staff Report & Admin Decision-​Speed Preliminary Large Lot #396
16-04625​Admin Decision-Martinelli Single Family Residence Site Development Activity Permit
16-03925Staff Report & Admin Decision-​Northwoods Lodge Conditional Use Permit Amendment - Minor
16-04302Staff Report & Admin Decision-​Grennan Preliminary Large Lot #392
16-04139​Admin Decision-Klahowya Secondary School Site Development Activity Permit
16-04815​Staff Report & Admin Decision-Hildebrand Preliminary Short Plat
16-05461Staff Report & Admin Decision-​Berquist Preliminary Approval for Short Plat Amendment
16-05510Staff Report & Admin Decision-​Kitsap Realty Home Business
16-04424​Admin Decision-Kitsap Rifle and Revolver Club
​16-05638Staff Report & Admin Decision-​New Life Church on the Peninsula