Business Personal Property

Personal Property is subject to property tax in Washington State.  It applies to equipment used in conducting business, manufacturing and farming.  Its primary characteristic distinguishing it from real property (land and buildings) is mobility, meaning it can be moved from one place to another.  Personal property includes but is not limited to machinery, equipment, furniture and fixtures.  Your household goods and personal effects are exempt from personal property tax as long as they are not used for business purposes. 


Everyone who owns equipment used in a business must complete a personal property listing by April 30 each year. The listing must include a description of the equipment, its cost, and the acquisition year. The Assessor uses the listing to value property for taxes payable the following year. Personal property tax rates are the same as real property. 

 Laws & Rules

RCW Chapter 84.40 - Listing of Property

WAC Chapter 458-12-060 - Listing of Personal Property

WAC Chapter 458-16-115 - Personal Property Exemptions


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All Personal Property listings are due by April 30, 2024 even if you have no changes to report.