Taxing Districts

​Currently there are 41 taxing districts in Kitsap County including the state school levy.  A single property will not be in every district but in some combination of the following: Cities; County; Fire Protection Districts; School Districts; Port Districts; Water Districts; Library District; Parks; Public Utility District; Sewer District; State & Utility District.

Cities (4)County (1)Fire Protection Districts (6)

 City of Bainbridge Island

City of Bremerton

City of Port Orchard

City of Poulsbo

Central Kitsap Fire 1

Bainbridge Island Fire 2

South Kitsap Fire 7

North Kitsap Fire 10

Poulsbo Fire 18

North Mason Regional Fire Authority

School Districts (6)​ ​Port Districts (12)Water Districts (4)

Bremerton School District #100

Bainbridge Island School District #303

North Kitsap School District #400

Central Kitsap School District #401

South Kitsap School District #402

North Mason School District #403

Port of Bremerton

Port of Brownsville

Port of Eglon

Port of Illahee

Port of Indianola

Port of Keyport

 Port of Kingston

 Port of Manchester

Port of Poulsbo

Port of Silverdale

Port of Tracyton

Port of Waterman

Manchester Water District #11 (no levy this year)

North Perry Water District (no levy this year)

Silverdale Water District (no levy this year)

Sunnyslope Water District #15 (no levy this year)

Library District (1)Parks (2)Public Utility District (1)
Kitsap Regional Library

Bainbridge Island Metropolitan Parks

Village Green Metropolitan Parks

PUD No 1
Sewer District (1)State (1)Utility District (1)
South Bainbridge Island Sewer District (no levy this year)State SchoolWest Sound Utility District (no levy this year)