Property Lines


If you cannot locate your property corner, the safest action is to contact a private land surveyor. You should never rely upon GIS maps for exact property boundaries. On site property surveys are the only way to identify actual property lines and corners. You can contact the Kitsap Co. Auditor's Recording department at 360.337.4935 to check for a recent survey or to acquire a copy of your plat, if there is one. Recorded surveys and plats often have notes describing how the property corners are monumented that can be helpful in determining your property corner locations. Keep in mind that improvements made without proper knowledge of property lines could result in litigation.


To do a search for a property survey or plat, the following information will be helpful for the Auditor's office:

*Indexing information for your parcel - Section, Township, Range, Quarter/Quarter (obtain from Assessor's office directly)

*Parcel Number

*Volume & Page for plat

*Auditor File Number

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Phone: 360.337.4935

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