Park Advisory Board

Function and Purpose of the Parks Advisory Board
The Kitsap County Parks Advisory Board is made up of nine members, three each from the three County Commissioner Districts. The Board functions as an interface between the community and the County. The Board provides advice to the Commissioners and the Director of Parks concerning acquisition, development and administration of parks and recreation facilities throughout the County. The Board also works on special projects as they are brought forward for consideration.

The Board is always interested in participation from the public on park issues. Board meetings are generally held monthly and are open to the public. Other opportunities for public comment are available as well. Please contact the Kitsap County Parks Department at 360.337.5350 for more information.

The Kitsap County Parks Advisory Board (hereafter referred to as the Parks Board) was established December 13, 2004 with the purpose and function established through Chapter 2.24 and 10.12 of the Kitsap County Code, amended December 13th, 2004 by the Kitsap County Board of Commissioners (hereafter referred to as the County Commissioners).

Kitsap County Parks Advisory Board
North Kitsap - District  #1
Tleena Ives
Kathryn Thompson
John Grinter
South Kitsap - District  #2
Ani Gatz
Larry Walker
Joanne Clark
Central Kitsap - District  #3 
Jon Pearson 
Elizabeth Grady
Frank Stricklin

Kitsap County Commissioners are seeking representatives from Commissioner District 1 (North Kitsap) and Commissioner District 3 (Central Kitsap) to serve on the Parks Advisory Board. For more information including a position description and application, click here.


Other Information
Resolution #266-2016 Appointment, Reappointments & Amended Bylaws
Parks Sustainability Task Force Resolution
Parks Sustainability Task Force Recommendations

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