FAQs & Rules

No pets, bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, skates or private vehicles allowed on any County Athletic Fields at any time. 

All parks are designated drug-free zones.  Please help us keep parks safe and clean.

Hours:  County Parks are open during daylight hours only, unless otherwise noted.

Animals: Horses and pets are not allowed near athletic fields, playgrounds, picnic sites, and swimming beaches. Unless otherwise posted, most parks/areas allow pets. Pets must be kept on leashes and owners must clean up after their pets.

The following parks DO NOT allow pets:
Carpenter Lake Natural Reserve
Guillemot Cove Nature Reserve

Trails: Hikers, bicyclists and horses must stay on existing and/or designated trails.

Trash: Trash and garbage must be placed in appropriate containers.  Where receptacles are not available, guest must pack in and pack out all waste.

Vehicles: Motorized vehicles must remain in designated parking areas. Overnight parking is not allowed.

Alcohol: Intoxicating beverages are not allowed.

Miscellaneous: Golf, paint ball, fireworks, radio controlled aircraft, camping, parking, bounce houses and fires prohibited. 

Click Here for a full list of the Park Code

Frequently Asked Questions


Park Hours

Annually, from October 1st through March 31st, Horseshoe Lake Park, and Wildcat Lake Park are closed to the public for the winter season. Access gates to the parking lots and park areas are closed and locked during this time. Park restrooms are closed annually for the winter season from October 1st through March 31st. Parks are open during daylight hours only, unless otherwise noted.

Pets Allowed At Kitsap County Parks?

Park rules for pets may vary, depending on which park you are interested in visiting.  Pets are allowed at most parks if they are on a leash. However, horses and pets are not allowed near athletic fields, playgrounds, picnic sites, and swimming beaches. Parks Rules for each County Park are available by checking our Parks Listing for specific rules for each County Park.  Please be sure to clean up after your pet.

Are you looking for an off-leash dog area? Look no further, we have two!  One at Bandix Dog Park and one at Howe Farm.

Pet Waste

"Dogs in Kitsap County drop more than 11 tons of waste each day - and it doesn't just go away."  Click here to watch the Dog Diggity video on pet waste.  Also, check out the Pet Waste and Mutt Mitt Program.

Is There A Lot Of Wildlife In Kitsap County Parks?

Many Kitsap County Parks are inhabited by native wildlife.  Plan ahead for your visit by gathering information from the links below on how to handle possible wildlife encounters:

Bear or Cougar sighting - Immediately contact the Washington State Patrol at 360.478.4646 or call 9-1-1.

Bears - For information to plan for possible bear encounters, contact Center for Wildlife Information at www.BeBearAware.org

Cougars - For information to plan for possible cougar encounters, contact the Washington State Department of Fish & Wildlife at http://wdfw.wa.gov or 360.902.2515.

Can I Reserve An Area Of A County Park For A Private Event, Such As A Wedding Or Birthday Party?

Kitsap County Parks are a great place to hold an event, like a wedding or a child's birthday party.  Picnic shelters are available to reserve, but other areas of the park are open to the public and available on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Guests to a County Park cannot be prohibited from entering or using an open area of a park during your event.

Please note: If you do plan to use any kind of canopy or tent for an event, these items cannot be staked into the ground, due to possible damage to our irrigation system and must be weighted-down with sandbags, water jugs, or other weights. Bouncing houses and similar items are NOT allowed in our parks.

Is There Overnight Camping In Any Kitsap County Parks?

Unfortunately, camping and overnight parking are not permitted in any Kitsap County Parks.  However, if you are planning to visit the Kitsap Fairgrounds & Events Center, RV parking is available for a maximum of 3 days on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Please call 360.337.5350 for more information on availability and charges. Please note that from OCTOBER 1ST - MARCH 31ST the RV Trailer dump in closed.

Is There A Fee To Enter Kitsap County Parks?
No. All Kitsap County Parks are FREE to enter.

Boater Safety

The Kitsap County Sheriff's Office is providing an educational class for county residents that will allow them to earn a Boater Safety Education Card from Washington State. Boater cards are required for those operating waterborne craft having motors with 15 horsepower or greater. 

Kitsap County Code: Restricted Waterways

Internal combustion (i.e., gasoline and/or diesel) powered motor boats used for recreational purposes are not permitted at any time on any lake of less than twenty acres in area, or on the following waters: Buck Lake, Wye Lake, Island Lake, Carpenter Creek estuary upstream of South Kingston Road and the Curley Creek estuary upstream of Southworth Drive. B. Internal combustion (i.e., gasoline and/or diesel) powered motorboats used for recreational purposes are not permitted to exceed seven miles per hour on Mission Lake.

Don't Be Shy Borrow A Life Jacket


Life jackets kiosks  are located at the following parks: 

Buck Lake Park

Island Lake Park

Wildcat Lake Park

Long Lake Park

Horseshoe Lake Park