Prepare, Apply for and Manage Your Permit

 Ready to Apply?

There are no downloadable forms or paper applications. Apply for all permits in the Permit Application Portal. Follow the steps below to begin your permit application.

Permit Application Portal

  1. Create an account in the Permit Application Portal.
  2. Log in to the Permit Application Portal.
  3. Inside you can 
      • apply for a new permit, 
      • continue with an unfinished permit, and 
      • request paid meetings with staff.
​The current wait time for permit intake to review submitted documents is 16 days.

Steps to Completing a Permit Application
An overview of the steps to completing an application in the Permit Application Portal.

 Payments, Inspections, and Status


The last step in the permit application process is to manage your permit. You can manage your permit through the Online Permit Center*. This includes paying for your permit, checking and scheduling your inspections and status.
online permit center screen

*The Online Permit Center will require you to create an account to manage your permit.

Online Permit Center

In the Online Permit Center, you can:
  • Issue Your Permit
  • Pay for Your Permit
  • Schedule Inspections


 Community Development Survey

 Applying for a Permit

Community Development only accepts online permit applications for all permits. There are no downloadable forms or paper applications to submit your permit application. You can visit the Permit page for more information about the types of permits available or view them in the Permit Application Portal. You must follow the steps at #2: Apply to login to the Permit Application Portal and begin your application.

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