DCD Review Team Meetings

Due to a significant influx of permit applications, responses to requests 
for staff review meetings may take longer than normal.

DCD staff members assist applicants in processing and evaluating their permit applications. They each serve a unique role in the permit application review process. DCD staff members are available virtually and through in-person meetings in the lobby. 

Please Note: Information and guidance are advisory only and based on the customer's information. This is not intended to be an exhaustive review of all potential issues. Any discussion or information provided shall not bind or prohibit the County's future implementation or enforcement of all applicable laws and regulations. No statements or assurances made by County representatives shall relieve the applicant of their duty to submit an application consistent with all relevant requirements of county, state, and federal codes, laws, regulations, land use plans, and other requirements.

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  • Review the staff member descriptions in the right column to determine the best person to answer your questions/concerns.

Free 15-minute Virtual or In-Person Appointment

Customers are provided a free, dedicated 15-minute question-and-answer session with a member of the DCD Review Team. 

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Paid Meeting Options

Staff Consultation (Residential Only)  

A by-appointment, 30-minute consultation meeting with a cross-functional mix of DCD Review Team members to help you identify potential requirements for developing a single residential parcel. Review Team members provide general advice on your proposed project and possible requirements. A bulleted list of comments shared during the meeting is noted and provided to the applicant. Examples of projects for this meeting type include: residential projects; development of a vacant residential parcel with a single-family residence or duplex, an accessory structure or outbuilding on a residential parcel, or an attached/detached accessory dwelling unit.

Hourly Meeting 

A by-appointment meeting to focus on a specific area of Kitsap County Code or project conditions. You select which DCD Review Team disciplines will attend and they will research your questions or project in advance. Each staff charges time by the quarter hour (1 hour total minimum). Meeting notes are taken by the applicant. Examples of projects for this meeting type include: development of a multi-family dwelling unit(s), a commercial/industrial development, other complex residential projects.

Pre-Application Meeting 

A by-appointment meeting with DCD Review Team members to provide a detailed analysis of your proposed project or issue. Review Team Members will review the proposed project (including before the meeting), and a detailed meeting summary letter is provided to the customer soon after the meeting, targeting a response within a couple weeks. Examples include large developments of multi-family dwelling unit(s), commercial/industrial development, other complex projects. New dock or mooring projects require a Pre-Application Meeting. 

 A request for paid meeting options requires payment to be made along with the request.

Please click here to access the Permit Application Portal login page to begin submitting your paid meeting request. If you do not have an account in the Permit Application Portal, you must create one to log in to the system.

Further Assistance

If you need help beyond the options available here, please visit our Contact page for more options, including Kitsap1 information and Live Chat schedules.

 DCD Review Team


Please take a minute to review the descriptions to help you determine the best person to answer your questions or concerns.

Building Plans Examiners
Evaluation of building code, construction plans, and energy code

Code Compliance
Evaluations of permits submitted as a result of a code compliance action

Development Engineering Reviewers
Evaluation of stormwater treatment and impervious surfaces, grading, and development infrastructure 


Fire Marshal
Evaluation of fire alarms, sprinkler systems, fire hydrant road access requirements, and building
construction plans.

Land Use and Environmental Planners
Evaluation of allowed uses, setbacks, subdivisions, tree removal, development proposed around wetlands, slopes, waterfront, and other critical area features

Permit Technician
Assistance with the mechanics of submitting a permit - applying, uploading, steps in the
permitting process