Suquamish Citizens Advisory Committee



Meeting Information

The Suquamish Citizens Advisory Committee (SCAC) meets the 1st Thursday of every month - except August - from 6-8 p.m. at Suquamish Elementary School Library, 18950 Park Ave NE. When the school is closed over the summer, SCAC meets at the Suquamish Tribal Council Chambers, 18490 Suquamish Way NE.

​Meeting Date/Agenda

March 1, 2018
February 1, 2018​Minutes
January 3, 2018​Minutes
December 7, 2017Minutes
November 2, 2017​​Minutes
​October 5, 2017​​Minutes
September 7, 2017​​Minutes
​August - No meeting​N/A
​July - Cancelled​N/A
June 1, 2017​​Minutes
​May 4, 2017​​Minutes
​no April meeting due to Open House​​Minutes



​Member (all positions are at-large)

​Tom Curley - Chair​2018
​Brian Albro​2019
​Megan Hale​2019
​Sharon Griffin2020
​Martha Burke​2017
​William McDonald​2018
​Kevin McDonald​2020
Waynoe Swanson​2020
Carol Larson​2020

If you live in the Suquamish area and are interested in being part of this citizen committee, please visit the Kitsap County Advisory Groups webpage

​The Suquamish Citizen Advisory Committee was formed to provide a forum for community discussion on the many issues and interests found in the rural Suquamish community.

This Committee fosters enhanced communication between the residents of the Suquamish area, Suquamish Tribal Government and Kitsap County government, as well as help to coordinate efforts of the community  residents currently at work on improving the Suquamish community.

It is intended that the Committee will work together in a proactive approach toward addressing the interests and concerns of the community.

The mission of the Suquamish Citizen Advisory Committee (SCAC) is to:

  • Actively facilitate communication among the Suquamish Community.
  • Mutually develop and promote a sense of community vision and pride.
  • Communicate to the County, Suquamish Tribe, and other government entities the desires and concerns of the Suquamish community.
  • Bring to the Suquamish community issues and projects of the County and Suquamish Tribe, and provide a means for receiving and conveying to the County and Suquamish Tribe the community's response.

Kitsap County Board of Commissioners
Resolution 107-2006 established the
 Suquamish Citizen Advisory Committee on June 13, 2006. 

 Contact Information

​For information about SCAC contact Jennifer Haro at (360) 307-4212,