Point No Point Lighthouse & Park

Point No Point - Project Update:

We are excited to provide you with an update on the Point No Point Park project, which aims to repair the damages caused during the 2022/2023 Winter season. In our recent public meeting held on June 20, 2023, we presented the project permitting pathway and discussed key highlights. We want to share these updates with you, as they provide valuable information about the project and the steps we are taking to restore the park.

Project Background:

The project focuses on addressing the specific damage that occurred along the north and east beaches at Point No Point Park during the recent Winter season. Our goal is to repair the park and restore it to withstand similar future storm events.

Collaboration with Regulatory Agencies:

We are collaborating closely with regulatory bodies responsible for overseeing work within the shoreline environment in Kitsap County, including the Department of Community Development (DCD), the Corps of Engineers, the Department of Ecology, WDFW, and local tribes. Project design concepts have been reviewed and supported by these agencies.

North Beach - Preferred Alternative:

Our preferred alternative involves replacing the materials lost during the King Tide event in late December 2022. This includes strategically placing fabric within the fill to combat erosion and retain the newly placed beach sand.

Secondary Dune:

To provide additional protection against future events, we plan to construct a secondary dune closest to the intersection of the beach and NE Point No Point Road. This dune will be 2 feet higher than the beach sand placed in item #3.

Native Vegetation and Trail Pathways:

We will actively replant the repaired area with native vegetation and place large woody debris to stabilize the new material and prevent erosion. We will delineate specific trail pathways to guide visitors towards the beach to reduce trampling of vegetation. This will help promote the growth and re-establishment of vegetation along the shoreline.

Rock Revetment Replacement:

We will rebuild the old rock revetment that is currently allowing water to flow through the spaces between the rock onto the light house las. We will use the existing rock but rebuild the revetment to be stronger against future erosion events. We will also tie the end of the revetment into the North and East beaches in a way that will control against erosion.

East Beach - Addressing Low Spots:

We will fill in low spots along the East Beach of the park that were created due to foot traffic. Our modeling and survey work have identified areas that may be susceptible to future overtopping.

All the work outlined above is subject to approval from the regulatory agencies. They have emphasized that no work will exceed what existed at the site prior to the Winter Storm events without a full agency review. Our dedicated staff and design team are working tirelessly to acquire the necessary permits to complete the sand replacement work in September/October of this year. The remaining work will take place during the fish window in the 2024 construction season, pending timely agency approval.

We encourage you to reach out to Kitsap County Parks Staff if you have any questions or would like further information about the project and the ongoing work. We appreciate your interest and support in the restoration of Point No Point Park.

For questions or more information, please contact Parks@Kitsap.gov.

9009 Point No Point Rd NE, Hansville WA 98340

Size: 61 Acres

Region: North District

Features: Sandy beach, picnic areas, undeveloped saltwater access, parking lot and historic lighthouse

Park Rules & FAQs

Point No Point Lighthouse & Park Map

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Lighthouse Society: The US Lighthouse Society headquarters is located in the Keeper's Quarters at the Point No Point Lightstation and County Park. For more information, visit www.uslhs.org

Check out the webcam and time lapse of Point No Point Lighthouse on the United States Lighthouse Society website!

Volunteer docents needed: Interested in volunteering at the oldest lighthouse on Puget Sound? Contact the Friends of Point No Point, the volunteer stewardship group of the lighthouse, at docents@pnplighthouse.com. Volunteers are needed to give tours, help with historical displays and assist in the museum store.


​The Keeper's Quarters duplex at the Point No Point Light Station is available as a vacation rental! To learn more and make a reservation, visit the website hereTo check availability, contact the USLHS by phone at 415-362-7255 or email lighthouse@uslhs.org (calendar is not available online).

This contact information is for vacation rental of the duplex only.

General inquiries for the Point No Point Lighthouse and County Park should be directed to the Kitsap County Parks office at 360-337-5350.

From Poulsbo: Turn North (left) at the intersection of Hansville Road and Highway 104. Travel eight miles to the intersection of Hansville Road and Point No Point Road. Turn right onto Point No Point Road and travel to the road end into the park entrance.