Commission on Children and Youth Advisory Board

The 24 members of the Kitsap County Commission on Children and Youth Advisory Board are volunteers from throughout the county appointed by the Board of County Commissioners for three-year terms. They represent health and social services, law and justice, military, education, parks and recreation, business, youth and the general community.

The Commission also serves as an advisory board to the Kitsap County Board of Commissioners, and the Local Public Health and Safety Network

​Members and Staff​Representing​Term
​Allen, Jeff​At Large​5/9/16 - 5/4/19
​Charles, Meilana​At Large​5/8/17 - 5/7/20
​Brenner, Jill​At Large​5/9/16 - 5/4/19
​Eilers, Katharine​Health​7/24/17 - 7/23/20
​Chesbrough, Susan​Health​12/5/16 - 12/4/19
​Daley, Laura​Social Services​12/10/15 - 12/9/18
​Davalos, Joe​Tribal​11/9/15 - 11/8/18
​Garner, Christy​Parks and Recreation​11/22/14 - 11/23/17
​Heaman, Lisa​Education​12/10/15 - 12/9/18
​Hillman, Tony​Business​3/14/16 - 3/13/19
​Merringer, Michael​Law and Justice​6/11/15 - 6/10/18
​Olsen-Roth, Cameron​Youth (Bremerton)​5/9/16 - 5/4/19
​Peterson, Shannon​Business​10/10/16 - 10/9/19
​Petters, Ursula​Social Services​3/14/16 - 3/13/19
​Riggs, Taylor​Youth (Bremerton)​5/9/16 - 5/4/19
​Sanchez, Kelly​Faith-Based​7/24/14 - 7/23/20
​Whoo-Ching, Patrick​Education​7/24/14 - 7/23/20
​VACANT​Law and Justice
​VACANT​Bainbridge Island Youth
​VACANT​Central Kitsap Youth
​VACANT​North Kitsap Youth
​VACANT​South Kitsap Youth


The Commission on Children and Youth is accepting applications for new members.




Meeting Time
1s​t Thursday of every month at
4:30 - 6:30 p.m.


Olympic Educational

Service District#114
105 National Avenue North
Bremerton, WA  98312


2018 meeting schedule
January 4 

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Contact Us

Laura Hyde, Program Coordinator
(360) 337-4879 or

Hannah Shockley
Supervisor, Department of Human Services
(360) 337-7185 x 3530 or

Doug Washburn
Director, Department of Human Services