Apply for a Mutt Mitt station

​Community volunteers help keep neighborhood common areas, trails, and other open spaces safe and enjoyable by making it easy and convenient for dog owners to pick up their pet waste. Sign up to sponsor a station in your area!

Sponsors agree to:

Designate a primary contact person
Notify Kitsap County within 30 days when there is a change in primary contact person 
Obtain any necessary permission for the installation location
Install dispenser, signage, and waste bin within 30 days 
Restock bags as necessary.  Replacement bags can be purchased directly at
Be responsible for transport, hauling, and fees of waste disposal
Maintain each Mutt Mitt unit and the surrounding area
Notify Kitsap County if any part of the unit is vandalized or stolen
Track the number of bags used annually and report back once a year by December 31st.