Adopt a Worm

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​Adopt-a-Worm Classroom Composting Program

Red wiggler worms are looking for new homes in preschool through 6th grade classrooms in Kitsap County! These worms are more than just classroom pets-- they are super garbage eaters and science teachers. Middle & high school classrooms can also receive worm composting materials; complete the application below.


How to Adopt

Step 1: Is your classroom a good worm home?

Learn whether worm adoption is right for you! Share the requirements for adopting worms with your students so they can help make an informed adoption decision.

Step 2: Submit an adoption application

Applications for the 2016-2017 school year are closed. Please check back in September!

If you have a summer educational program that meets regularly and has at least 10 students, please email to request a worm bin.

Step 3: Schedule lesson & prepare

Once your application has been received, program staff will contact you to schedule your adoption day. In the meantime, students should prepare for adoption day by talking about a plan for feeding the worms.

Step 4: Adoption day!

On adoption day, students will have explore the question, "How do worms help us recycle?" through a hands-on investigation and short video. They will also receive an adoption certificate and other materials. Thursdays or Fridays, minimum 45 minutes.

If you cannot keep a worm bin for an extended period, a limited number of worm bins are available for short-term loan! Does not include an educational lesson. 

 Adoptive Classrooms

  • Cougar Valley Elementary First Grade: Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Salstrom, Ms, Shibsted, Mrs. Swanson
  • Peace Lutheran School Kindergarten: Mrs. Meryhew
  • Silverwood School 3rd & 4th Graders: Mrs. Rathgeber
  • Hawk @ Jackson Park Elementary 3rd Graders: Tina Piper
  • Orchard Heights Elementary Kindergarteners: Peggy Ray