Felony Diversion Eligibility Criteria

‚ÄčIn order to be eligible for the Felony Diversion Program, the participant must:

  1. Be charged in Superior Court with one (or more) felony offenses.

  2. Have never had or participated in another felony diversion or comparable program, in Washington or any other state.

  3. Have no or relatively little misdemeanor/gross misdemeanor criminal history.

  4. The current offense must not be a violent offense (violent offenses may be accepted with approval from the Felony Division Chief).

  5. Restitution must be determined prior to entry, or defendant must agree to adding the restitution obligation during the pendency of the diversion.

  6. The victim should (but does not have to be) be supportive of diversion.

  7. The defendant must write a letter describing why he/she believes that his/her case is a good candidate for the diversion program.

  8. The defendant may be required to complete chemical dependency treatment, anger management treatment, or any other conditions that are appropriate considering the nature of the underlying offense, in addition to the standard terms of the program.

  9. Standard terms of the program are to complete 48 hours of community service, pay an $850 program fee, maintain law-abiding behavior, waive extradition, report monthly or quarterly for compliance.