Lobe Fields

7777 Stampede Blvd, Bremerton WA 98311 (entrance is at 1195 NW Fairground Road)

Lobe Field #1 (Stadium - Baseball)
Rate: $40 per hour
Size: 90' Base Length, 400' Outfield Distance
For Baseball players ages 14+
Lights available for additional fee
Lobe Field #4
Rate: $18 per hour
Size: 60', 65', 70', 90' Base Length, 267' Outfield Distance
For Baseball, Softball and Soccer
Lights available for additional fee

Included with Lobe Field Rentals: Restrooms (April 1-September 30), Bullpen, Dugouts, Safety Netting for Foul Balls, Courtesy Drag, Parking         

Ball Field Amenities
​Lobe Full Field Prep
(Drag & Lines)
​$25 per game/field
​Lobe Field Prep  - Drag Only​$15 per game/field
Announcer's Booth/​Press Box
(available for Lobe #1)
(available for Lobe #1 & #4)
​$25 per day
​Sound System
​available for Lobe #1
​Portable Outfield Fencing
(39 panels, customer sets-up & tears down)
​$20 per day/field 
​Ticket Booth​$40 per day
​​Tournament Rates (12 Hour Period)
​Tournament Application Fee
​One Day Tournament - Lobe Field #1​$400
​One Day Tournament - Lobe Field #4​$300
​Each additional Lobe Field$​300
​Additional Hours / Fields:​$40
Please Note: Restrooms open April 1st-September 30th. No pets, bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, skates or private vehicles are allowed on any Kitsap County Athletic Fields at any time.

Nearby Ballfields:
Kitsap Kids Playground, Disc Golf, Tennis Courts, Eagle's Nest Community Room, Picnic Shelters and Fairgrounds & Event Center Venues.  

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From Hwy 3 north Kitsap Area: Proceed south on Hwy 3 to Silverdale, Take Hwy 303 towards Bremerton, Take the Fairgrounds exit, Turn left onto Nels Nelson Road, Turn right onto NW Fairgrounds Rd

The Pavilion, President’s Hall, Van Zee, Barns, & Gordon Soccer Fields are on your right hand side, The Parks Office, Eagles Nest, Thunderbird Stadium & Lobe Baseball Fields are on your left side

From Hwy 3 South (Hwy 16 meets Hwy 3 in Gorst, just past Port Orchard):
Proceed north on Hwy 3 to Silverdale, Take the Newberry Hill Rd Exit, Turn right onto Newberry Hill Rd, Turn right onto Bucklin Hill Rd, Turn right onto Tracyton Blvd, Turn left onto Fairgrounds Rd NW

Gordon Soccer Fields, the barns, Van Zee, President’s Hall, and Pavilion are on the left hand side, the Thunderbird Stadium, Parks Office, Eagles Nest, and Lobe Baseball Fields are on the right hand side