Buildable Lands Report

​ Kitsap County
2014 Buildable Lands Report


The Kitsap County Buildable Lands Report was issued to the Washington State Department of Commerce on June 30, 2015, thereby fulfilling the reporting requirements in RCW 36.70A.215, referred to as the Buildable Lands Program. The report is the result of on-going coordination and cooperation between Kitsap County and its cities in monitoring development activities in Kitsap County. 

The report was issued for public review and comment on December 1, 2014 and public comment period ran through  January 31, 2015.  The comments were thoroughly reviewed and analyzed, and changes were made to the draft based on comments received. 

Buildable Lands Report - All Chapters (does not include Appendices)







August, 2007

Ordinance 078-2008

Buildable Lands Report


Appendix A - Land Capacity Analysis Methodology by Jurisdiction

Appendix B - Land Capacity Analysis by Jurisdiction

Appendix C - Kitsap County Reasonable Measures Evaluation

Appendix D - Kitsap County Countywide Employment Capacity Analysis

Appendix E - KRCC Menu of Reasonable Measures

Appendix F - Kitsap County Buildable Lands Program, Procedures for Collecting and Monitoring Data


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