Dolores Gilmore

An advocate for the residents of Kitsap County.

Dolores and her staff practice the principles of LEAN management by adding value while removing waste in the auditor's office. Accountability to you is very important and that is why she strongly enforces transparency and accessibility for the Kitsap County Auditor's Office.

With 32 years' experience in county government, Dolores was elected by the residents of Kitsap County in 2014 to serve for four years. The auditor's team leads the following services for you:

  • Elections: We ensure the accuracy and integrity of your vote.
  • FinancialWe deliver transparency and accountability of your tax dollars.
  • LicensingWe make certain that getting a license, from getting married to renewing your car tabs, is easy and accessible for you.
  • Recording: We ensure public records are preserved and accessible to you.

You are a part of an amazing community of 260,131 residents in Kitsap County (the 7th largest in Washington State) and we are very proud to serve and represent you. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay informed of the services we provide to you.