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Election Certification and Data

Each election the county's ballot tabulation system is tested at least twice. The first test is called a Logic and Accuracy Test and is conducted before the election. The second is a Random Batch Audit, conducted the day after Election Day. Election certification is performed by the Kitsap County Canvassing Board.
All meetings and tests are open to the public. The videos here are the most recent. Videos from previous elections can be found on the Kitsap County Auditor YouTube page.

Logic and Accuracy Audit

Before actual ballots are tabulated, the tabulation system is tested for accuracy. Using vote totals provided by the Washington Secretary of State's Office, ballots are marked, scanned and then tabulated. Those totals are compared to the votes dictated by the Secretary of State's Office to make sure the tabulation system is counting ballots accurately. There is no internet access to the tabulation system. A certificate verifying the tabulation system's accuracy is signed by elections officials and witnesses. This Logic and Accuracy Test was for the 2022 General Election.


Random Batch Audit Testing

On Election Day six batches of ballots are randomly selected to again test to make sure the tabulation system is counting ballots correctly. The test is conducted the day after Election Day. When there is at least one countywide race on the ballot, a countywide race must be selected. The test results are documented and recorded. The random batch audit for General Election 2022 was Election Day, November 8, and the next day, November 9. 


Election Canvassing and Certification
The day before election certification the Kitsap County Canvassing Board reviews ballots deemed to be signature no-matches, addresses ballot marking issues not resolved by elections workers and addresses other outstanding election issues. The election is certified the next day after the resolved ballot packets are opened and ballots tabulated. The videos below are the Canvassing Board Meetings of November 28 and 29 for the 2022 General Election.