Inclement Weather

 ​Last Updated February 19, 2018 at 4:10 p.m.

Olympic View Transfer Station is open, but operating without power. Customers can expect waits of over an hour. No estimate of when power will be restored is available.  

Current road closures on County-maintained roads

Here's the current list of closed roads. All current closures involve utility wires. Crews are responding. Once the utilitiy wires are secured, the tree(s) will be removed, and the road reopened. Some of these roads may be open, but we are waiting for confirmation before removing them from the list.

     SK- Eastway Drive SE (near SE Sedgwick Rd)

     SK- Horizon Lane SE (between Sunburst Ct SE and Emerald DriveSE)

     SK- SE Denny Bond Blvd (at Wallace Rd SE)

     SK- Glenwood Rd SW (at SW Youwood Way)

     CK - NW Westgate Road (between Olympic View Road NW and Old Frontier Road NW) 

     CK - Erlands Beach Loop NW (at Kittyhawk Drive NW) 

     CK - Old Military Road NE (near NE Wagga Way)

     CK - Chico Way NW (near the intersection with Songbird Lane NW)

     CK - Seabeck Highway NW (near the intersection with Echo Valley Road NW)

     CK - Fairgrounds Road NW (at Gordon Field)

     NK - Levin Road NW (near the intersection wiht Central Road NW) 

     NK- NE Totten Road (at Sackman Lane NE)   

Roads may reopen without our knowledge. Often times when utility crews finish securing wires they remove the tree and reopen the road. Use extra care and caution while driving in inclement weather. There may be storm debris on the roads, and overnight freezing temperatures can create icy road conditions. Drive carefully.

Stay Connected during winter storms

Kitsap County offers many ways to stay connected during inclement weather. You can subscribe to automated email or text message updates by clicking the link below. You can also "Like" our Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter.

Video explains salt brine and winter weather prep

Public Works has produced an excellent video that explains how salt brine is used during snow and ice storms, and an explanation of the snow and ice response by County road crews. Click here to view it.

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