Kitsap County Tax Auctions

Real Property Tax Foreclosure-

When real property taxes become three years delinquent, the county treasurer begins a foreclosure action. A certificate of delinquency is filed with the Kitsap County Superior Court. Once we file, foreclosure costs of approximately $1,000 per parcel begin to accrue.

Title searches are conducted for each of the parcels. As required by law, all parties with recorded legal interest (revealed by title search) are served by certified or registered mails with notice and summons. A notice and summons is also published in the local newspaper. (RCW 84.64.050)

The treasurer receives a judgment from the court foreclosing on the tax liens and authorizing the sale of the parcels. All of the parcels being foreclosed on can be redeemed by their owners, or other parties with recorded legal interest, up until the close of business on the day before the sale. (RCW 84.64.060)  ALL taxes, interest, penalty, and foreclosure costs must be paid in full with certified funds (no personal checks accepted) in order to stop the foreclosure process.

Personal Property Distraint-

Tough collection provisions in the law direct the treasurer to seize and sell personal property (business assets and mobile homes on leased land) when personal property taxes become delinquent.

All personal property being sold at the distraint auction can be redeemed by their owners, or other parties with recorded legal interest, up until the close of business on the day before the sale.

The Kitsap County Treasurer may conduct several distraint auctions per year, as necessary. Different types of personal property can be sold at each of these sales. The number of parcels, or items auctioned, varies greatly from sale to sale. An auction may have anywhere from one item, to hundreds of items. Because they vary so much, the location of each auction may change to accommodate the number of persons attending, or the type of items being auctioned. A distraint auction may also be handled by a privately operated consignment auction company that is open to the public.

Tax Title-

Parcels that have been offered for auction at tax foreclosure sales, but not bid on, are deeded to the county. These parcels are "Tax Title". They may still be purchased from the county, but through a different process. Tax title properties are subject to the same risks as tax foreclosure properties.

Purchasing tax title property is done through public auction, or by private negotiation without a call for bids per RCW 36.35.150. It can take up to a year or more to bring a parcel to sale. The application and directions are below under the "Auction Details" heading. For more information email




Upcoming Auctions

​Type of Auction:Tax ForeclosureMobile Home Distraint​Tax Title
​Date and Time:Jan 2020Nov 2019​TBD
​​ ​Admin Building Lobby​TBD


Last Day to Redeem:TBDTBDTBD​

 Before You Buy!

Restrictions - Questions about building, zoning, and use restrictions should be addressed to the city and county departments responsible for engineering, building, code enforcement, and planning.

Title Insurance - Some title companies don't provide title insurance for up to ten years from the date of sale. Policies vary with each title company. If you are planning to build, title insurance may be important to you.

Assessments - Some parcels have local improvements or special assessments. You will need to check on these and find out what districts or associations service the area of the parcel you are researching. Some assessments are collected by the county treasurer, some are not.

Local Ordinances - Some properties may be subject to easements or use restrictions, as well as zoning and other land use controls. All properties are sold subject to applicable city and county ordinances. The existence of these are the buyer's responsibility to determine.

Community Association Dues - All properties are sold subject to restrictive covenants, if any, allowing for imposition of community association fees.

Easements - All utility and other easements that are three years and older are unaffected by tax foreclosure. Easements are listed on title searches and will be on record at the County Auditor's Office.

Physical Inspection of Property - It is strongly recommended that you visit all of the property sites prior to purchase. Is there any access to the parcel? Can you accurately identify property boundaries? Is the parcel being used in some way by neighbors? The Treasurer's Office does not condone trespassing.

Improvements - If there are improvements on the parcel, you should find out if the improvements go with the land and how they are currently being utilized.


The County Treasurer makes no warranty, either expressed or implied, relative to the usability, location, property lines, or topography. The County does not guarantee that all properties are buildable lots. All properties are offered for sale on a "where is" and "as is" basis without any representation or warranty, expressed or implied.


Prospective purchasers are urged to examine the title, location and desirability of the properties available prior to the sale; however, even the most diligent research efforts may not uncover all difficulties or unexpected problems.