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Recycling & Composting Guides

Curbside recycling guide (pdf)

Curbside compost (food & yard waste) guide (pdf)

Take Hazardous Household Items to a Free Recycling Site

Hazardous household products (pdf)

Needles & syringes

Businesses and Organizations

​Food: Too Good to Waste

​Keep It Fresh! Produce Storage Guide (pdf)

Recycling Tips

  1. Recyclables must be empty, clean, and dry! How clean? Wash until no visible food remains. How dry? Shake to remove as much water as possible.
  2. Use our Curbside Recycling Guide. The items on the guide are the only things that can go in your curbside recycling bin
  3. Keep recyclables loose. No plastic bags in your bin. 
  4. Don't "wishcycle." When in doubt... throw it out or find out! If you have an item that isn't on our Curbside Recycling Guide (and isn't hazardous), put it in the garbage. Or ask us! Search our online recycling and disposal database at, contact us on social media, or email 
  5. Ignore the recycling symbol and use our Curbside Recycling Guide instead.