Recycling & Disposal Guides

Need to get rid of waste? The guides below will help you find a place. 

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Recycling & Composting

Curbside Recycling (pdf)

Curbside Food & Yard Waste (pdf)

Recycling Guide for Drop-off Facilities (pdf)

Take Hazardous Waste to a Free Recycling Site

Hazardous Household Products (pdf)

Needles & Syringes


Recycling Tips         

  1. No Plastic Bags! Keep recyclables loose in the cart.

  2. Search the Guide. Search our What Do I Do With It? online disposal guide for items you're unsure about.

  3. Plastic? Sort by Shape, Not the Symbol. Only bottle, jug, jar, and tub shaped plastics are recyclable in Kitsap County. 

  4. Clean & Empty. Rinse to remove food or drink residue.

  5. Twin the Bin. Put a recycling bin next to every garbage can in your home.