Include the Food: Curbside Composting

Include the Food is a pilot program for certain neighborhoods in Kitsap County.


Frequently Asked Questions

 Can I compost other items (like pizza boxes) that aren't shown in the resources I received?

Contaminated compost is a big issue, so we only included certain "fail-safe" items in the resources you received. But if you take extra care and follow these preparation instructions you can compost the following additional items.


​Egg Cartons

​Keep plastic out of your shredder. Do not shred any envelopes with windows or shiny paper mailers (these have a plastic coating). Recycle these instead.

​Tea Bags

​Paper Plates

Don't compost coated plates. Coated plates look shiny. Uncoated paper plates, which can be composted, are not shiny.

​Wooden Chopsticks

OK to compost.


​OK to compost.

 What items can't be composted?

​"Compostable" or "biodegradable" serviceware

​Can't be composted in our local system, although they are commonly found in Seattle and on ferries. They are often labeled "CEDAR GROVE." These include take-out containers, take-out wrappers, compostable cups, and silverware. Put in the garbage.

​Cooking grease and oil

​Seal grease in a container with a lid and put it in your garbage. Cooking oil can be recycled for free at a drop-off recycling facility.

​Pet waste and litter

​Bag these and place in the garbage. 

​Glass, plastic, and metal

​These items can damage composting equipment, ruin compost, and put compost buyers in danger. Keep these out of your compost cart. Recycle or toss appropriately.

 Where can I buy more certified compostable liner bags?

Online by searching BPA certified compostable bags or in local grocery and home goods stores. Check near the garbage bags or in the natural home care area.


 I don't produce many food scraps; is it worth it?

Yes! Because food scraps are so heavy compared to other waste items, even a small amount of food scraps makes a big difference.

 My friend or family member didn't receive instructional materials. Can they start composting food scraps, too?

 I don't have a curbside compost cart. How can I subscribe to this service?

All single-family residents living inside city limits can subscribe. People living in unincorporated areas should check this map for service availability in their area or contact your regular recycling hauler. Service is available within the permanent burn ban area.


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