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Storm debris disposal options11/15/2017

(Port Orchard) - With the recent storm in Kitsap County, residents may find themselves with significant quantities of storm debris, consisting of tree limbs, leaves, and other windblown material.

Much of this material is usually recyclable and can be managed at composting and soil blending facilities in the area. If all material is vegetative debris, and is suitable for composting (free of foreign materials, pet waste, rock, and soil), it can be delivered (disposal fees may apply) to any of the facilities listed:

  • North Mason Fibers
    NE 431 Log Yard Road, Belfair
  • Olympic Organics
    7890 NE Ecology Road, Kingston
  • Olympic View Transfer Station
    9300 SW Barney White Road, Bremerton
  • Peninsula Topsoil
    25014 WA-3, Belfair
  • Bainbridge Island Transfer Station
    7215 NE Vincent Road, Bainbridge Island
  • Allen Shearer Trucking
    E 121 Log Yard Road, Belfair, WA
  • Morrison Gravel, Inc.
    1004 SE Spencer Road, Port Orchard
  • Williams Wood Waste
    12139 Brownsville Highway NE, Poulsbo
  • Tilz Soils and Compost
    12112 Miller Road NE, Bainbridge Island

If you have questions about acceptance criteria, fees, or operating hours, please contact the facility directly.

Smaller amounts of vegetative storm debris can also be disposed of in your residential yard waste cart, if you have subscribed to the service and it is available in your area. Additionally, if the widespread power outages resulted in food spoilage in your refrigerator or freezer, please dispose of this material in your household garbage.

For other storm debris, such as waste lumber, roofing material, plastic debris, or other manufactured waste, please dispose of the material in your garbage container or consult Kitsap County's "What Do I Do With It?" website for alternate disposal locations.

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