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 Key Focus:

1). Career Awareness: Targeting K-12 Students, School Boards and Parents
2). Education and Training: Defining Foundational Skills needed and Job-Readiness Criteria
3). Business-to-Business Connections: Best Practice sharing among businesses in the region
4). Affordable Workforce Housing: Adding weight and voice to affordable housing conversations


Networking; #mentormonday

The USO Pathfinder Program held their #mentormonday event along with LinkedIn and Starbucks on Monday, January 15th in Lakewood.  According to Jason Figueroa, Proud Veteran and Operations Manager, "The event was a great opportunity to engage with business professionals and peers to find ways to make yourself more marketable in the work force. Another good reason to come to these events is networking. You may have a skill someone is looking for and these events are a great way to get yourself out there instead of just a resume in an inbox."

In speaking with Kelly Fox, Owner of Lumber Traders Inc. and a member of the Construction Sector Partnership who attended the event, he agreed that through events like #mentormonday, best practice sharing among businesses in the region takes place. In addition, Kelly's efforts to expose men and women in attendance, who already possess many of the soft skills needed in the industry, to opportunities to become planted possibly in the construction trades careers.

Kelly furthered that there were many programs around the country geared at high school students, a key focus of the Construction Sector Partnership is to bring career awareness to K-12 students and educate them on the Construction Sector as a viable and progressive career option. Kelly will attend another event scheduled to take place soon in Seattle, where he along with these programs will continue to share these developing opportunities with high school students.

As a member of the partnership Kelly shares in the importance of network and connection.  Kelly Fox's efforts continue with partnership between the Construction Sector and Peninsula College for revision to their existing construction program.  Kelly gave a recap on last month's meeting that was held between the Association President of the leading architectural firm in the area and members of the college, who worked together on curriculum that best meets the demands as outlined by the membership of the North Peninsula Building Association.

Kelly will continue development of design for career pathways with the college, as well as continue his outreach efforts to educate students and adults alike, of the opportunities and growth projected within this industry.  During the launch of the Construction Sector Partnership last year, with support from the Olympic Consortium Board and Olympic Workforce Development, the committee worked diligently to define specific training needs for the future of the construction trades.  Part of the actions that were outlined in the partnership's purpose, included taking inventory of existing education and training programs in the region.  The committee was faced with challenging questions of how to best provide relevant programs that were usable and accessible while simultaneously encouraging interest in a booming field that is desperately in need of skilled employees.  The partnership with the region's colleges was the logical solution. 

 *Picture provided by the Regional Hispanic Chamber of Commerce who attended the January 15th #mentormonday event in Lakewood.

​January 2018

Partnership Purpose​

The Olympic Region Construction Partnership's mission is to jointly create an agenda that supports the vitality of the region's construction and building industry; to commit to coordinated action on shared high priority areas; and to be a forum for high quality business-to-business networking.



Support for this Partnership

Has been spearheaded by the Olympic Workforce Development Council, Kitsap Builders Association, Jefferson County Home Builders Association, North Peninsula Home Builders Association, and the EDC's of Kitsap, Clallam and Jefferson County, and supported by Olympic College, Penninsula College, K-12 schools, organized labor, Employment Security Department, county commissioners and others.

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Elizabeth Court, Director
Olympic Workforce Development


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