collapse Union : AFSCME 1308 ‎(1)
collapse Union : Corrections Officers ‎(7)
collapse Union : Corrections Sergeants ‎(7)
collapse Union : Deputy Prosecuting Attorneys ‎(1)
collapse Union : Deputy Sheriff Guild ‎(10)
collapse Union : Juvenile Detention Officers ‎(1)
collapse Union : Lieutenants ‎(7)
collapse Union : Non-Rep/Most County ‎(12)
collapse Union : Public Works Council ‎(3)
collapse Union : Public Works Teamsters Utilities ‎(1)
collapse Union : Sheriff Support Guild ‎(1)
collapse Union : Teamsters Parks ‎(1)

 Disability Coverage

MetLife Disability Coverage AFSCME- Courthouse & Supervisors (Excludes Community Development)

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Standard STD & LTD/Life Policy Sheriff's Office Employees

 Employee Assistance Program

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Aflac is an extra measure of financial protection. When you're sick or hurt. Alfac pays cash benefits directly to you.


For more information about policy benefits, please contact:

Suzy O'Brien 360.620.1514 or visit Alfac Enrollment.