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Welcome to Kitsap County!  As a member of the Kitsap County team, you are eligible for a wide range of valuable benefits designed to:

· Promote the health and wellness of you and your family

· Protect your income while you are working

· Build financial security for retirement

· Help you balance your life and work responsibilities

· Provide you with career development and educational opportunities

Some benefits are provided automatically, while you must actively choose others.  Most are highly subsidized or even free to you as an important part of your total compensation package. 

All County employees have a choice between two types of medical care options:  a Health Maintenance Organization option, offered through Kaiser Permanente and a Preferred Provider Option, which for most County employees is administered through Premera. 

To get more information or to manage your health care benefits online, go to Benefit Focus. Please don't hesitate to call or email us with additional questions at 360.337.7185 or Email.

 2018 Plan Rates

Most County Rates (includes the following employee groups:

AFSCME 1308 Courthouse Non-Represented Employees 

AFSCME 1308 Supervisors  Public Works Teamster's Utilities, Local 589

AFSCME 1308 Juvenile Courts Public Works Council (includes the following) 

Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Guild Operating Engineers, Local 302

Juvenile Detention Officer's Guild Teamsters, Local 589

Teamsters Parks, Local 589 IAM & AW, Local 282

Sheriff Support Guild  Laborers, Local 252


Corrections Officers         Corrections Sergeants

Deputy Sheriff Guild        Sheriff Chiefs

 2018 Plan Summaries

​Most County Employees/Non-Rep

Kaiser Classic Plan        Kaiser Classic w/Vision 

Kaiser Value Plan          Kaiser Value w/Vision

Kaiser HDHP/HSA Plan & Family Plan      Kaiser HDHP/HSA Plan & Family Plan w/Vision

Premera Classic Plan        Premera Classic Plan w/Vision

Premera Value Plan          Premera Value Plan w/Vision

Premera HDHP/HSA         Premera HDHP/HSA w/Vision

Deputy Sheriff Guild (DSG)

Kaiser DSG Plan

Premera PPO Plan 1

Premera PPO Plan 2

 Corrections Officers & Sergeants

Kaiser Classic Plan

Kaiser Value Plan

Kaiser HDHP/HSA Plan & Family Plan (Sergeants Only)

Premera Classic Plan

Premera Value Plan

Premera HDHP/HSA (Sergeants Only)


LEOFF Trust Plan FX

Kaiser Classic Plan

Kaiser Value Plan

 Sheriff Chiefs

LEOFF Trust Plan FX

Kaiser Classic Plan

Kaiser Value Plan

Kaiser HDHP/HSA Plan & Family Plan

 Employee Assistance Program

Wellspring EAPFS

  Helping make life a little easier Wellspring

 Additional Resources

Aflac is an extra measure of financial protection. When you're sick or hurt. Alfac pays cash benefits directly to you.


For more information about policy benefits, please contact:

Suzy O'Brien 360.620.1514 or visit Alfac Enrollment.