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Step 1:  Locate and complete the application packet for your project.

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Step 2:  Gather all required submittal items electronically as identified in the application packet.


Step 3:  Visit the Online Permit Center to submit your application and all required submittal documents.  Submittal documents must be uploaded within 14 days, or your permit will be cancelled.  Note:  First-time users must sign up for an account.


 Training and Resources

How to Create an Online Permit Center Account (video)
How to Create an Online Permit Center Account (screen shots)
How to Submit an Online Permit with Success (screen shots)
Plans and Document Standards & Requirements (file upload requirements)

Upcoming Training Dates/Live Demonstrations


Visit this webpage for future updates and resources as they become available! 

 What has changed?


Beginning April 1, 2018 all applications will be required to be submitted through the Online Permit Center.

No more paper.  No more driving.  No more waiting.  Submit your applications when it's convenient for you.

As part of our transition to online permitting, for permits applied for after January 1, 2018, building inspection cards will no longer be required.  All inspection results can be viewed under your login account on the Online Permit Center.

 Submittal Instructions


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