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PDFCarbon Dioxide SystemsFire
PDFClass 1 Hood and Duct Suppression SystemFire
PDFFireworks DisplayFire
PDFFireworks TentFire
PDFSolar Energy PanelsFire
PDFFlammable and Combustible Liquids - ConstructionFire
PDFFlammable and Combustible Liquids - OperationalFire
PDFHigh Piled StorageFire
PDFHot Works OperationsFire
PDFLP Gas - ConstructionFire
PDFLP Gas - OperationalFire
PDFPlaces of AssemblyFire
PDFFire Alarm - Minor Modification to Existing System (No Plan Review)Fire
PDFFire Alarm - New System or Major ModificationFire
PDFFire Sprinkler - Minor Modification to Existing System (No Plan Review)Fire
PDFFireworks StandFire
PDFExhibits and Trade ShowsFire
PDFRevision to an Issued Fire Permit Fire
PDFTemporary Membrane Structure (Tent)  Installation and Use Fire
PDFMarijuana Extraction Systems - Operational Fire
PDFExplosives - Operational Fire
PDFCarnivals and Fairs Fire
PDFMarijuana Extraction Systems - Construction Fire
PDFFire Sprinkler New System or Major Modification Fire
PDFConstruction - Miscellaneous Fire
PDFCompressed Gases - ConstructionFire