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Proposed Code Amendments reviewed by the Board of County Commissioners and Planning Commission


Preliminary List of potential Kitsap County code amendments

The Department of Community Development has compiled a list of ideas for potential code amendments from director's interpretations, hearing examiner decisions, historic notes, and other internal and external sources. This list of ideas was collected in an effort to develop an ongoing catalog of potential code amendments.

The preliminary list of ideas has undergone limited review and does not constitute a recommendation by the Department of Community Development.

The list of ideas has been sorted into three categories (administrative, minor, and major) based on the anticipated level of effort required to complete the project. The Department is developing a framework to further refine and prioritize the preliminary list of ideas. The framework is intended to be transparent, predictable, and allow for more collaboration among stakeholders throughout the code development process. The Department will continue refining the contents of this list and develop a process for collecting additional code amendment suggestions from interested parties. 

Check back soon for more information on how you can get involved with the ongoing code development process!