Current Code Updates

Kitsap County Code Updates

The Kitsap County Code update process is designed to ensure interested parties can stay informed and participate.  Ideas are cataloged and will be assessed on an annual basis.  The Department works with the Board of County Commissioners to select which ideas move forward as code update projects.

The Department of Community Development accepts ideas from interested parties for updates at any time to the following areas of Kitsap County Code: 

​Title 12 – Storm Water DrainageTitle 18 – Environment
​Title 15 – Flood Hazard AreasTitle 19 – Critical Areas Ordinance
Title 16 – Land Division and DevelopmentTitle 21 – Land Use and Development Procedures
Title 17 – Zoning

​Title 22 – Shoreline Master Program



Get Involved!

If you are interested in staying informed on proposed amendments to the Kitsap County Code, please sign up for our electronic notification system here: