Permit Checklists

Permit Category
PDFAccessory Dwelling Unit and Accessory Living Quarters ChecklistLand Use
PDFAgriculture Conditional Use Permit or Administrative Conditional Use Permit ChecklistLand Use
PDFAgriculture Mobile or Manufactured HomeResidential
PDFAgriculture RVResidential
PDFAmusement Buildings ChecklistCommercial
PDFAssembly ChecklistFire
PDFBed and Breakfast FCPO ChecklistFire
PDFCarbon Dioxide Systems ChecklistFire
PDFCarnivals and Fairs ChecklistFire
PDFCelluose Nitrate Film ChecklistFire
PDFCombo Operational Permit ChecklistCommercial, Fire
PDFCommercial Building Permit ChecklistCommercial
PDFCommercial Cell Tower Building Permit ChecklistCommercial
PDFCommercial Solar ChecklistCommercial
PDFCommercial Temporary Structure ChecklistCommercial
PDFCommercial Tenant Improvement ChecklistCommercial
PDFCompressed Gas ChecklistFire
PDFConditional Use Permit / Administrative Conditional Use Permit ChecklistLand Use
PDFConditional Use Permit / Administrative Conditional Use Permit Revision ChecklistLand Use
PDFConditional Waiver from View Blockage Requirements ChecklistEnvironmental
PDFCritical Area and Danger Tree Site Evaluation ChecklistEnvironmental
PDFCritical Area and Shoreline Buffer Reductions or Variance ChecklistEnvironmental
PDFCutting and Welding ChecklistFire
PDFExhibits and Trade Shows ChecklistFire
PDFExplosives ChecklistFire
PDFFinal Land Division Alterations ChecklistLand Use
PDFFinal Land Divisions ChecklistLand Use
PDFFinal Large Lot Review ChecklistLand Use
PDFFinal Short Plat Review ChecklistLand Use
PDFFire Alarm ChecklistFire
PDFFire Suppression System ChecklistFire
PDFFireworks Display ChecklistFire
PDFFireworks Stand ChecklistFire
PDFFireworks Tent ChecklistFire
PDFFlammable and Combustible Liquids ChecklistFire
PDFHazardous Materials ChecklistFire
PDFHome Business ChecklistLand Use
PDFHood Suppression System ChecklistFire
PDFHotwork ChecklistFire
PDFLegal Lot Determination Review ChecklistLand Use
PDFLiquefied Petroleum Tanks Over 501gal - Residential ChecklistFire
PDFLiquid Fueled Vehicles ChecklistFire
PDFLP Gas ChecklistFire
PDFMarijuana Extraction Checklist Construction or Operational ChecklistFire
PDFMarijuana Extraction Operation ChecklistFire
PDFMobile or Manufactured Home ChecklistResidential
PDFMobile or Manufactured Home in a Park OTC ChecklistOver the Counter, Residential
PDFOpen Flame and Torches ChecklistFire
PDFOpen Flames and Candles ChecklistFire
PDFOpen Space ChecklistLand Use
PDFPerformance Based Development ChecklistLand Use
PDFPerformance Based Development Review ChecklistLand Use
PDFPlat Vacation ChecklistLand Use
PDFPre-Application MeetingLand Use
PDFPreliminary Land Division Amendment ChecklistLand Use
PDFPreliminary Land Divisions ChecklistLand Use
PDFPyrotechnic Special Effects ChecklistFire
PDFResidential Accessory Building ChecklistResidential
PDFResidential Accessory Dwelling Unit Intake ChecklistResidential
PDFResidential Bed and Breakfast Intake ChecklistResidential
PDFResidential Deck PacketGeneral, Residential
PDFResidential Establish Basic Plan Intake ChecklistResidential
PDFResidential Foundation Intake ChecklistResidential
PDFResidential Guest House ChecklistResidential
PDFResidential Major Remodel or Addition ChecklistResidential
PDFResidential or Commercial Bulkhead ChecklistCommercial, Residential
PDFResidential or Commercial Retaining Wall ChecklistCommercial, Residential
PDFResidential Porch or Attached Carport ChecklistResidential
PDFResidential Swimming Pools ChecklistResidential
PDFRezone ChecklistLand Use
PDFRight of Way - Public Works Intake ChecklistSite Development
PDFRoad Approach Permit ApplicationSite Development
PDFSEPA Review ChecklistEnvironmental
PDFShoreline Exemption ChecklistEnvironmental
PDFShoreline Permits ChecklistEnvironmental
PDFShoreline Revision ChecklistEnvironmental
PDFShoreline Structure ChecklistEnvironmental
PDFSidewalk Inspection ChecklistFire
PDFSingle Family Residential Intake ChecklistResidential
PDFSite Assessment Planning PacketLand Use, Site Development
PDFSite Development Activity Permit Abbreviated Drainage Review 2017Site Development
PDFSite Development Activity Permit Full Drainage Review 2017Site Development
PDFSite Development Activity Permit Major Development 2010Site Development
PDFSite Development Activity Permit Minor Development 2010Site Development
PDFSite Evaluation ChecklistGeneral
PDFStormwater Best Management Practice (BMP) List 1Land Use, Site Development
PDFStormwater Best Management Practice (BMP) List 2Land Use, Site Development
PDFStormwater Best Management Practice (BMP) List 3Land Use, Site Development
PDFTemporary Commercial Business ChecklistCommercial
PDFTents and Membrane Structures ChecklistFire
PDFTimber Harvest ChecklistEnvironmental
PDFTitle 21 Intake Triage ChecklistLand Use, Site Development
PDFVariance - Zoning ChecklistLand Use

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