Volume 1 - 2012 Comprehensive Plan

Used as a guide for the physical, economic and community development of Kitsap County for the next 20 years, the Plan establishes goals and policies for Kitsap County to use in evaluating and making future decisions. The Plan's policies communicate the long-term values and aspirations of the County. By viewing the County as a whole, the Plan shows how all the different parts – land use, housing, transportation, natural systems and capital facilities – must work together to achieve the desired vision.

Kitsap County's regulatory and non-regulatory decisions and programs, as well as its budget, should be consistent with the Plan. Used this way, the Plan minimizes conflict in decision making, promotes coordination among programs and regulations, brings predictability to the development process, and increases effectiveness of County efforts to improve citizens' quality of life. Individual landowners and interest groups are able to use the Plan to evaluate their decisions in light of the community's goals.

Adopted August 31, 2012