Central Kitsap Community Campus

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Spanning over 20 years, the vision for the Central Kitsap Community Campus in Silverdale is intended to be a civic, recreational and cultural gathering place for community residents of all ages-day and night. Previous visioning efforts identified priority uses for the properties and include:

  • Library
  • Government offices
  • Community center with public meeting space with kitchen access
  • Public open space  
  • Senior housing
  • Performing arts center 
  • Recreational facilities
  • Other public uses and offices

Private uses on the properties are also welcome and include offices, restaurants, markets, coffee shops, and other multi-family housing options. These private activities are intended to be complementary to the public activities listed above.

Our Community Challenge--The CK Campus is at a pivotal point in its redevelopment and demand to move this concept towards completion is stronger than ever. Since crafting the vision, circumstances have changed as many priority uses envisioned above have selected future building sites at other locations within the Silverdale area.

To move forward with the next redevelopment effort, Kitsap County will need to not only evaluate the viability of the remaining public elements of the vision, but also understand realities of site constraints and what is financially achievable. A redevelopment due diligence assessment is underway to examine types of improvements and uses that not only serve the Campus properties but can also benefit the larger Central Kitsap area by achieving multiple community goals.

Through the use of public-private partnerships, Kitsap County, along with a diverse consultant team of regional and  local firms, will be conducting market, site and financial assessments and host a series of public meetings to reexamine the vision and the types of public and private uses desired for the next redevelopment phase.  From these economic inputs and public engagements, a refined redevelopment strategy will be crafted.