Campus Properties                                                         

arial mapBy 2036, the population of Silverdale is expected to 26,335 people with employment reaching 8,928 jobs. Silverdale is the largest retail center in Kitsap County and will become the largest medical center too. Sales tax revenue contributes to +/- $22M annually, countywide. This revenue, along with other sources, fund a wide array of County services and programs. Silverdale is also the second largest unincorporated Urban Growth Area (UGA) in the County and a designated Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) Regional Growth Center. These areas by nature are targeted for substantial growth over a 20-year period and beyond. 

The CK Campus, fronting Silverdale Way, is located on 12 acres of County-owned property within the heart of the Silverdale UGA and Regional Growth Center. Since the early 2000s, Kitsap County has acquired properties to form the Campus with the most recent acquisition of the Poplars property in 2012.  In June 2011, Phase I of site redevelopment was completed with the opening of a 85,785 square-feet multi-purpose community center, the Haselwood Family YMCA. With over 20,000 members and an average daily attendance of over 4,000 users, this facility is a tremendous success.

Time is now ripe to move forward with the next redevelopment phase through the creation of public-private partnerships.


The Kitsap County Sheriff's Office maintains a current staffing level of 118 commissioned personnel, 31 support staff and 150 volunteers.  Of these positions, 87 commissioned personnel, 4 support staff and 50 volunteers work out of the Patrol Division, which is based at the CK precinct office. With 25 years of public use, this precinct office no longer meets the needs of the community it serves and current law enforcement operations.

Kitsap County, along with a local consulting firm, are working to identify spatial, usage and site location requirements for a new Central Kitsap Precinct Office. This facility needs assessment is intended to provide the necessary information to set the stage for meaningful real estate, budget and policy discussions in the future.


The Silverdale Community Center was demolished in July 2016. It was closed to public use since 2015 due to significant water damage. The Community Center was roughly 16,070 square-feet and before the closure, provided County office space, three centralized public meeting spaces (totaling 4,380 square-feet) and a 170 seat community theater that was home to C-STOCK. 



In 2012, Kitsap County acquired the Poplars property from Housing Kitsap. At the time of transfer, the property came with existing commercial lease agreements and long-term debt obligations. The County has issued a Limited Tax General Obligation bond on the property which matures in 2022, with a pre-payment option in late 2017. Kitsap County currently operates the property that includes a County program office, six commercial uses and thirty-six affordable residential apartment units. Revenues generated from the property cover operating/maintenance expenses, with enough left over to only cover the bond's interest payments.

Reducing or eliminating bond debt will need to be considered in this due diligence assessment.

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