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​Abbreviated Legal Description Examples

​Legal Descriptions




​Plat Name, Lot #, Block#

​Sol Bakken Lt 4 Blk 5
Sol Bakken Lt 4-6 Blk 5
​Condominium Moorage Slips Name​Condo Name, Apt/Unit#, Bldg #
Moorage Slip Name Subdivision
Description Apt/Unit # under lot
​Sunford, Unit # J-201 or
Court Yard on Madison Unit 205-B
Bldg B
​Qtr, Qtr, Section,Township, Range​¼, ¼ Sec #, Twp # Range # with directional East or West​SW, NE 24-25-02E or 02W
​Government Lot, Section, Township, Range​GL #, Sec#, Twp#, Range # with directional East or West​Gov #5, 24-24-02E
​Short Plat or Large Lots​Short plat #, Lt# , Auditor File #, Large Lot #, Lt #, Auditor File #
**short subdivision is a short plat
​SP 5423 Lt 4 AFN 200305210153 or
SP 523 Partial Lt 4, AFN 200305210153
SP123 Lt A/B AFN 200305210153
LL 4223 Lt 253 AFN 20030630165
**Two auditor file numbers are written as 200305210153/0154
​City Short Plats​City Name of the Short Plat Lt #, Auditor File #​Port Orchard SP, Lt 4 AFN 9609060116
Bainbridge SP , LT 4, AFN 960960116
**Multiple Lots: written as Lt 4 -7
**Only two lots are written as Lt A/B
​Binding Site Plan​BSP, Lt # , Auditor File #​BSP 94-2 Lt 5 AFN 9609060116
​Tax ID Parcel Number​Are always 14 digit number​4113-004-002-0006 - this number formatis associated with plats or condos
262301-2-039-2009 - this number formatis associated with all other legal descriptions

Please note that Boundry Line Adjustments are not accepted as abbreviated legal descriptions.